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Nest of Asian hornet
Vespa velutina

light-brown, spherical or pear-shaped, often in tree top

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Asian hornet
Vespa velutina

black body, yellow is scarce on abdomen, black legs with yellow tips

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European hornet
Vespa crabro

red-brown body, yellow on abdomen, legs are brown

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common and German yellowjacket
Vespula vulgaris/germanica

small, black and yellow, yellow on thorax

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European paper wasp
Polistes dominula

entirely yellow and black, slender

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median wasp
Dolichovespula media

yellow and black stripes on abdomen

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hornet hoverfly
Volucella zonaria

two wings, mostly orange

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violet carpenter bee
Xylocopa violacea

huge black bee, dark wings with violet reflection

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furry, with coloured bands

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giant woodwasp
Urocerus gigas

ovipositor, yellow antennae

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giant resin bee
Megachile sculpturalis

black, orange hairs on thorax

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Oriental hornet
Vespa orientalis

colour reddish brown, 2 light yellow bands on abdomen (©carnifex, iNaturalist)

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Asian giant hornet
Vespa mandarinia

yellow head, thorax dark brown, abdomen brown with yellow bands, up to 4cm (©Alpsdake, iNaturalist)

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