Report a nest

This time of the year, queens awaken from dormancy and begin to build an embryonic nest. This is a small nest the size of a ping-pong ball, in a sheltered place.

What happens with my report

  • We will validate your report. This can take a couple of days.
  • Contact your fire department in case of immediate danger, for example when the nest is located near a house or other high-risk area.
  • We will notify you if it concerns a nest of Asian hornets.
  • We will also send you an overview of professional erradicators specialized in the species. You can contact these if you prefer, we currently don’t assign an erradicator to your report automatically. A coordinated control for Asian hornet is in preparation.

Report a nest

Report a nest to with the following information:

  • Coordinates or address where the nest is located
  • Time of observation
  • Photo of the nest
  • Your name and telephone number

A more convenient form is under development in preparation for the next field season.