Report a nest

Below you can report a nest of Asian hornet.

In spring, an Asian hornet queen builds a new nest. This is the size of a ping-pong ball and can be found in a sheltered place, such as under a canopy or in a pen.

Contact the fire brigade or a private eradicator in case of immediate danger, for example, when the nest is near a residence or another high-risk location.

What happens with my report?

  • After your report, you will immediately receive a list of recognized Asian hornet eradicators in Flanders.
  • We will validate your report. In case of an Asian hornet nest, you will receive an e-mail. This may take a few days.
  • Some provinces will organize a coordinated control of Asian hornet nests. In that case, the province will take care of the extermination of Asian hornet nests. You do not need to take further action. More information will soon be available.
  • In some municipalities, nest extermination is (partially) reimbursed. Therefore, check your municipality’s website.

Is eradication free of charge?

There is no general coordinated effort to control Asian hornet in Flanders. That is why we don’t automatically assign an eradicator to a nest. The government also no longer reimburses eradication costs. Some provinces will be organizing a coordinated control. More information on this will be available soon (including what provinces, nest types and seasons).

Report a nest

Add a photo with the wasp clearly visible. Different species of wasps build a similar type of nest this time of year, requiring a photo of the individual to determine the species. If the nest has already been eradicated, please indicate this in the comments field.