Register as a professional eradicator

By registering as a professional wasp eradicator, here referred to as the enterprise, you and your enterprise engage in the effective neutralization and removal of Asian hornet (Vespa velutina) nests in compliance with the applicable code of conduct and legislation as well as taking the necessary safety precautions to do so. Vespa-Watch can in no circumstances be held responsible for incidents (damage to people, equipment or materials) or financial losses as a result of the intervention. Vespa-Watch does not intervene in the financial agreements between the enterprise and the nest owner. Vespa-Watch does not provide direct financial or material support to control operations.

Extra security measures should be taken when removing a nest of the Asian hornet. As such, VBI organizes nest removal training specified for this species. Please, contact the VBI in case you are interested in participating to such a training. Professional wasp eradicators (fire fighter teams, private enterprises, pest control organizations, …) are granted access to the management webpage that hosts an interactive module for control and registration of Asian hornet nests. Central to this module is an updated list of validated nests and control actions to be assigned to nests. As a registered user, more information about particular nests, for example address and contact details of the owner, are shared in order to facilitate communication to nest owners. To enable EU level reporting of the Asian hornet invasion (1143/2014), wasp eradicators are invited to accurately provide information about their eradication actions.