Privacy and copyright

Thank you for your interest in the Vespa-Watch project and for your help in gathering information about Asian hornet. On this page we explain how we handle your personal information and the data collected through the website.

What happens with my data

The Vespa-Watch website is managed by the Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO). To protect the environment, for scientific purposes and in line with the open data policy of the INBO, all data (including photos, but excluding personal information) submitted through the Vespa-Watch website are made available under Creative Commons Zero waiver. This is done through synchronization with iNaturalist, a global recording platform for biodiversity observations. Data entered through our website are visible on iNaturalist under a general Vespa-Watch profile. Likewise, data entered on iNaturalist are harvested by Vespa-Watch. After validation, the data are openly published on GBIF, a global aggregator for biodiversity data. This way, Vespa-Watch data can be used worldwide for policy, management and research. They can also be displayed on other websites, such as and

Name and e-mail address

The Vespa-Watch website does not require registration to report an observation of Asian hornet. This keeps the threshold for engagement low and the speed of reporting high. However, when you report, we collect your name and e-mail address. These are only visible to experts in case they want to contact you about your observations in relation to the project (e.g. for validation purposes). Your personal data are in no case shared with third parties and are not made visible on the website. When publishing observations on iNaturalist, your data are visible under a general project profile and your name will not be shown. Of course you can choose to create your own profile on iNaturalist, after which Vespa-Watch can also use your data.

How long will my data be stored

Your submitted records are stored permanently and are used to inform the conservation and study of the recorded species in the future. All collected data is stored on a secure server of INBO. All data are passed on to iNaturalist and when validated are published on GBIF.

Who has access to my personal data

You are asked to provide contact information when you report a nest (name, telephone, email) or individual (email). We only use this personal data to contact you for information regarding your observation and/or to coordinate nest removal actions. Your personal data is therefore only accessible to people involved in the Vespa-Watch project, such as researchers or people responsible for nest removal actions. Your personal data will not be used for other purposes, nor will it be shown on the website or shared with other parties.